Cellular & Molecular Pathology

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The CMP program integrates cellular and molecular biology with the study of human diseases, often in the context of Regenerative Medicine with translational goals. Utilizing the latest technologies, students in the program have opportunities to study both normal and diseased tissues and cells in order to solve basic and applied research problems. The program includes faculty from the divisions of Experimental Pathology and Neuropathology in the Department of Pathology as well as many other clinical departments from the School of Medicine. Faculty and students also work within the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, the Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute, and the McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine.


The Cellular and Molecular Pathology program faculty direct strong programs in Cancer Biology, Embryonic Development and Organogenesis, Stem Cell Biology, Angiogenesis, Tissue and Organ Regeneration, Matrix Biology, Neurodegeneration and the Molecular Basis of Disease.

Cancer Biology
Liver Growth and Differentiation
Pathogenesis of Neurodegeneration
Regenerative Medicine


Stephen Francis Badylak
Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine; biomaterials and biomaterial/tissue interactiosn; develiopmental biology; innate immunity
Yaacov Barak
Associate Professor
Molecular genetics of placental development
Michael J. Becich
Biomedical, pathology, oncology and tissue banking informatics applied to the biology of the prostate cancer, biomarker development and validation.
Aaron W. Bell
Assistant Professor
Sarah Berman
Timothy R. Billiar
Distinguished Professor
Shock and sepsis, innate immunity, Nitric oxide
Harry C. Blair
Osteoclast; osteoblast; mesenchymal stem cell; nitric oxide and estrogen
Bryan Brown
Grant C Bullock
Assistant Professor
John R. Chaillet
Associate Professor
epigenetic control of gene expression, including eh role of DNA methylation in transcriptional control genomic imprinting and other mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance; genetic and molecular etiology of ovarian teratomas, biology of embryonic stem cells
Stephen Chan
Yuan Chang
Distinguished Professor
New pathogen discovery using integrative genomics and proteomics
Charleen T. Chu
Mitochondrial homeostasis and neurite remodeling in neuroprotection and neurodegeneration, phosphoproteomics; Oxidative stress, cell signaling and autophagy in toxin and genetic models of Parkinson's disease, neuronal cell death
Paula R. Clemens
Skeletal muscle; gene transfer; viral vectors; muscle wasting or cachexia; muscular dystrophy
Marie Colette Defrances
Associate Professor
PI3K signalling in liver growth, regeneration and cancer
Anthony J. Demetris
The role of inflammatory cytokines and growth factors in the development of cirrhosis & tolerance induction and chronic tissue rejection
Steven Dobrowolski
Hengjiang Dong
Associate Professor
Diabetes; insulin action; glucose metabolism; lipid metabolism
Christopher Donnelly
Albert D. Donnenberg
Immunologic consequences of autologous transplantation in systemic sclerosis; Haplo-identical HSCT; Use of bone marrow derived and peripheral blood derived stem and progenitor cells for regenerative therapy; the cancer stem-cell hypothesis
Anette Ute Duensing
Assistant Professor
molecular biology of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (*GISTs) and mechanism of action of targeted therapies
Andrew Wayne Duncan
Assistant Professor
Ira Jacob Fox
experimental therapies for liver disease; differentiation of human ES and iPS cells into hepatocoytes
Mark Thomas Gladwin
Elena Goncharova
Hun-Way Hwang
Jeffrey S. Isenberg
Associate Professor
Nahed Ismail
Associate Professor
John M. Kirkwood
Scott M Kulich
Associate Professor
tissue-based research along animal and cell culture models to pursue new questions in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases
Eric Lagasse
Associate Professor
Identification of normal and cancer stem cells; Cell based therapy for liver diseases
Janet Sojung Lee
Associate Professor
Youhua Liu
Kidney fibrosis; epithelial to mesenchymal transition; HGF; TGF-beta; extracellular matrix
Joseph D Locker
Visiting Professor
Anna Lokshin
Cancer biomarkers, systems biology, cancer stem cells and inflammation and cancer
Peter C Lucas
Visiting Associate Professor
Jianhua Luo
Gene expresion analyses in human malignancies.
Kacey Gribbin Marra
Associate Professor
nerve regeneration; adipose-derived stem cell therapies; biomaterials and drug delivery; soft tissue repair
Wendy M. Mars
Associate Professor
Tissue regeneration macrophage function, and epithelial cytokine production, with particular emphasis on liver and the role of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) in diabetes and cancer.
George K. Michalopoulos
Distinguished Professor
liver regeneration, growth factors, liver cancer
Satdarshan P.S. Monga
Cancer; cancer stem cells; development; regeneration; stem cells; wnt beta-catenin pathway; molecular therapy; liver
Michael Morowitz
Shanmugam Nagarajan
Associate Professor
Antibodies and atherosclerosis and infection-induced atherosclerosis. Dietary prevention of atherosclerosis
Kari Nejak-Bowen
understanding the cellular and molecular basis of liver injury, regeneration, and cholestatic liver disease
Yuri Efimovich Nikiforov
understanding the molecular mechanisms of radiation-induced carcinogenesis and chromosomal rearrangements in human cells; DNA repair of doublestranded breaks
Michael Oertel
Assistant Professor
Hepatic stem/progenitor cells; experimental cell transplantation; liver repopulation; tissue replacement in the diseased liver; tissue microenvironment conditions in recipient liver
Steffi Oesterreich
Molecular mechanism and clinical relevance of endocrine response in breast cancer; nuclear receptor signaling in ovarian cancer
Zoltan Nagy Oltvai
Associate Professor
research interest is in the area of systems biology, focusing on how the functional organization of molecular interaction networks define and constrain cellular functions
Tim D. Oury
Oxidative mechanisms in pulmonary, vascular, and neuropathophysiology; antioxidants in innate immunity; study of receptor for advanced glycation endproducts in asthma and pulmonary hypertension
Ivona Vasile Pandrea
Associate Professor
SIV/HIV pathogenesis; immunotherapy for SIV/HIV
Julie Phillippi
Jon D Piganelli
Associate Professor
T-cell mediated effector mechanisms of beta cell destruction in Type I diabetes
Iain Scott
Melanie Jane Scott
Research Assistant Professor
Steven David Shapiro
role of proteinases in cell biology; mechanisms of lung diseases (COPD, lung cancer and infection in particular)
Alejandro Soto Gutierrez
Assistant Professor
Cynthia St Hilaire
Donna B. Stolz
Associate Professor
Angiogenesis; liver regeneration; hypoxia; peroxisomes; exosomes; endothelial cell precursors; aging in liver and kidney
Urvashi S. Surti
Associate Professor
The molecular cytogenitics of pregnancy loss and cancer
Kenichi Tamama
Assistant Professor
cellular and molecular biology of mesenchymal stem cells
Roderick Tan
Angus W. Thomson
Transplantation tolerance; dendritic cell function
Bryan W Tillman
Assistant Professor
Rocky Sung Chi Tuan
Cell based tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Nam V. Vo
Assistant Professor
Yoram Vodovotz
The systems biology of inflammation and healing in acute and chronic inflammatory conditions
David A. Vorp
vascular/urethral/GI biomechanics; vascular/urethral/GI regeneration
Xiaosong Wang
Zhou Wang
Mechanism of androgen receptor intracellular trafficking in prostate cancer cells; roles of androgen-responsive genes in prostate cancer and benign prostatis hyperplasia
Alan Wells
The role of cell migration in physiologic and pathologic conditions
Sally Wenzel
Pathogenesis of human asthma
Clayton A. Wiley
Neurodegeneration; viral infection; non-human primates; encephalitis; AIDS; HIV/SIV
Chuanyue Wu
Cell adhesion; cytoskeleton, migration, extracellular matrix; apoptosis, signalling; cancer; metastasis; diabetic nephropathy; kidney; fibrosis
Jian Yu
Associate Professor
Resistance mechanisms of anti-cancer drugs; intestinal stem cells in injury and cancer
Abdolreza Zarnegar
Growth factor and oncogene signaling in liver cancer
Yingze Zhang